The Demons in My Past - Chapter 2

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The Demons in My Past - Chapter 2 Empty The Demons in My Past - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Derek turned to Pandora who felt slightly intimidated. Derek was scary when he was angry and he was currently furious. He breathed deeply and spoke in a deathly whisper. “You are still taking the Ambien.” He glared at Pan, his face was red. “After all that time, all that effort! To get you off of the stuff and you go right back onto it again!” this time he shouted and Pandora was terrified. Derek lifted his hand into the air and Pandora flinched, expecting to be hit but Derek was merely pointing to tell her to go to her room. Derek looked from Pan to his raised hand and registered something. “Did you just flinch?” he asked in confusion, wondering why she had done that, Derek had never laid a finger on Pan before in his life.
“Did you think I was going to hit you?” he asked in deeper confusion, frowning heavily.
“Aren’t you?” Pandora responded, confused also. Her mother did it so it was only a matter of time until the idea caught on.
“What? No! No I’m not going to hit you! Pandora, why would you think that?” he asked, calming down at once. The anger had turned to concern and he was also panicking a little.
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.” Pandora replied in a rushed voice, trying to cover up the mistake she had made. Derek disagreed. “It’s not nothing! Pan, if someone’s hurting you, I should know!” Derek continued, sounding slightly annoyed now.
“Just drop it. I’m going upstairs.” Pandora concluded, getting up to leave.
Derek was about to persist but he noticed smoke coming from the kitchen. “I’m going to talk to you about this later.” He said quickly, running into the kitchen before a fire started. Pan grabbed her cane and headed upstairs. When she got into her room she headed straight for the loose floorboard to release some of the anger stored inside her.
That night, Pan decided to see if she could sleep without Ambien. She knew it wouldn’t work but it was worth a try, Derek was right. All that effort was put in to stop her addiction and she had just gone straight for it again.
Pandora lay back in her bed and shut her eyes.
Pandora dreamed of a young girl, aged around 6. The girl was wandering around outside. It was winter at around 6 pm so it was dark. The ground had a thin layer of ice over it and every breath came out as a whirl of mist. The girl was not dressed appropriately for winter, she was wearing a blue chequered dress, it had buttons all the way down the front and her hair was in a long plait down her back. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were crystal blue. She had cold induced rose-coloured cheeks and was walking quickly when she heard a cry for help coming from within a nearby alleyway. She turned to look and she heard it again. The voice of the desperate male was crying out, in need of help. The young girl couldn’t see into the alley as it was too dark. She stood and tried to look but couldn’t see into the black rectangle. She walked a few paces into the darkness, slipping a little on the floor until she met a few stairs. In an instant, she was grabbed by the hair by something large. She turned but could see nothing but darkness and a long arm stretching from her hair into it. It had been a trap. The boy held the girl by the hair then smashed her, headfirst into the wall. Stars burst in front of her eyes and her head swam. She was about to scream when he did it again. And again. He kept hitting her head against the wall until she was barely conscious. Everything got darker and she began to fall. The boy grabbed the child by the throat and she was too weak to struggle. He began to unbutton her shirt and she continued to fall deeper into unconsciousness. She could feel his breath on her face and yet he was almost completely enveloped in the darkness.
Pandora awoke screaming. She was covered in cold sweat and bleeding scratches. She had been scratching herself in her sleep in attempt to wake herself up. She turned round and was sick in the bin beside her bed. That hadn’t been a dream for Pandora, it was a memory.
Derek ran into Pandora’s room holding a baseball bat. He had just arrived from work and thought someone was breaking into the house. He turned on the light and looked around. “What happened? I heard screaming.” He asked, looking round the room.
Pandora wiped her mouth. “Nightmare.” She said plainly, her face as pale as ash and she was shaking, badly.
Derek was confused. “At your age? Bit old aren’t you?”
“I’ve had them for years. It’s why I need Ambien.” Pan replied, feeling sick again. “Thought mum told you.”
Derek watched Pandora as leaned over the bed and was sick again into the tiny bin beside her bed. “Are you okay?” he asked, a little disgusted by the vomiting. “I’ll go run you a bath.” He concluded, going into the bathroom to turn on the bath. Pan looked at the clock on her bedside cabinet to see it was 5:00 am. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. No one had ever found out about Pandora’s dark secret, she didn’t trust anyone and did not think of it as anyone’s business but her own. Well, that’s what she told herself. The problem was, saying it out loud only made it more real. She liked to pretend that nothing bad ever had or ever could happen to her. It was her way of dealing with it. As Pan thought about her past, she began to shake and felt ill again. She jumped up and limped towards the en-suite bathroom as her bin was near overflowing and she needed to get to the sink. Just as Derek was leaving to say the bath was ready, the two collided and Pandora was sick over Derek’s shirt. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Pan gasped as she looked at what she had done.
“It’s fine, don’t worry.” He replied with a look of disappointment, taking of his shirt and looking at it mournfully. “That’s one for the bin.” Derek joked, smiling sympathetically. “Aww, sorry.” Pan repeated as Derek threw the shirt in Pandora’s full bin before hugging Pandora reassuringly.
With a deafening “Bang.” The door of Pandora’s room was slammed open. Linda was drunk and came stumbling in. She looked from topless Derek, to Pandora standing in a short, silk nightdress hugging him and she looked bitter. “So. How long has this been going on then?” Linda slurred angrily. “How long has this disgusting thing been happening?” Pan and Derek let go of each other and merely stood in confusion. “Mum, what are you talking about?” Pandora asked, wondering what Linda meant by what she was saying. Linda just stumbled up to Pan and punched her straight in the face. “Don’t you pretend like you don’t know!” She screamed, slapping and hitting Pandora repeatedly. Derek ran forward and pulled Linda off of Pan. “What do you think you’re doing?!” He yelled in outrage. Pan, who had been forced to the ground, sat there, breathing deeply. Linda freaked out “GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME! YOU FILTHY PEDOPHILE! SHE’S 15!” Linda shrieked, attacking every part of Derek she could reach. Pandora couldn’t get up again. “Leave him alone Mum!” Pandora yelled, unable to move from the ground. Finally Linda stopped and she just stood, glaring. She turned to Derek. “Get out. Now.” Her voice was threatening “we are over.” She added.
“No! Please mum, nothing happened! Please let him stay!” Pandora protested. Linda turned on Pan. “You’d like that. Have your little boyfriend continue to live here!” she bent down slapped Pandora again round the face and Derek yelled in protest. “You can’t hit a child! Hang on… You’re the one who’s been hurting her!” He realised in horror, remembering all the times Pandora had come downstairs with a bloody nose or a black eye, claiming to have fallen over. Pans awkward silence told him enough and Derek gasped while Linda tried her hardest to punch Pandora but Derek was holding her arms back. Then, without warning she kicked an already dizzy Pandora hard in the face and Pan fell to the floor, unconscious. Derek threw Linda to the ground and ran forward. “Pan!” he yelled as he placed her in the recovery position. Linda stood up and walked out in triumphant rage. Derek had no idea what to do when someone was unconscious. He separated the dirty-blonde hair covering her face. Her nose was bleeding badly and she had bruises over her already. “Oh Pan.” He groaned, “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” He looked at her on the floor and felt guilty. He had shouted at her earlier when she had other things to worry about. Plus she had the trouble from the people at her school to deal with. Derek was quite a soft soul and got emotional very easily. He hugged people a lot and cried more than what was considered normal. He was often described as a gay-straight man. He bent down, tucked his arms beneath Pan and on the count of 3 he lifted her in the way one would carry a sleeping child and he placed her on her bed. He checked her airway was clear before grabbing a nearby chair and sitting beside the bed. Waiting for her to awaken. He had his face buried inside his hands. He would no longer press her about what she did. She had enough troubles as it was. He couldn’t believe he almost became engaged to a monster. He had been divorced twice now and this seemed like the real thing for Derek. Apparently not. Derek started stroking Pandora’s hair, it was comforting to him. She looked nothing like her mother. Her hair was a dark blonde colour and her eyes were very grey with a slight hint of blue. Linda had naturally brown hair which she dyed bleach blonde and her eyes were brown. Derek’s hair was a dark chocolate colour and his eyes were green. Derek also considered their dress sense. Linda always wore a tracksuit, usually pink while Pan wore black skirts with tights or leggings, an occasional hooded jumper and sometimes a dress. He himself was usually seen in a blue or purple shirt with smart black or brown trousers and shiny loafers. He liked to dress smart. After a while, Pan began to stir. Her face was still quite painfully bruised. He had come to love Pan as his own daughter, he himself could not have children so she had been the closest he’ll ever know. She slowly opened her eyes to see Derek sitting before her. “You okay?” he asked with a concerned tone of voice, watching her warily.
“A little dizzy but yeah.” She replied, smiling faintly. Derek tried to think of what to say, or rather, how to voice his idea. “I don’t think you should live in this house.” He stated simply, Pandora nodded as if to ask him to continue. “I want you to come live with me for a while. I’ve known you for what? 7 years now? And I think it would be safer for you.” He concluded, watching for a response. “Really?” Pan replied, smiling.
“So I take it that’s a yes…” Derek retorted, smiling also.
Pan couldn’t voice her feeling so instead she leaned over and hugged Derek. “Thank you!” she whispered to him.
“It would be my honour.” He joked, thinking of what to do next. “Right, I have an apartment about 20 minutes or so from here. I was renting it to some people and they moved away. I haven’t been able to find new tenants so we can stay there.” He added, planning things out. “Okay. I think you should have that bath then pack a few essentials. Actually, our stuff will fit in the car; grab all you want to take. I’ll go pack a few of my things and I’ll meet you here in an hour.” He concluded as Pan nodded, heading towards the bathroom. See you in an hour.” She grinned, waving. Derek left to go pack his possessions.

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