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And I think of you Empty And I think of you

Post  Crystal:) on Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:30 pm

My breaths struggle through a deep night’s sleep,
And I think of you,
Calms writhe as you fly gracefully through my dreams,
But my alarm calls, horrible it seems.
My smile disturbed and I plea to oversleep.

I walk through a bitter morning’s air,
And I think of you,
You warm my cheeks with a caring breath in my mind,
You’re the most perfect person of mankind,
And with that thought, for the weather I lose a care.

A heavy memory enters my thought,
And I think of you,
You lift its draining weight above our heads,
Banish all my fear and dread,
All my bad feelings you kindly sought.

A sore wound cuts my flesh.
And I think of you,
You sew together the hole with tender string,
And to your beautiful figure I cling,
All sadness you can banish.

A sad feeling blackens my heart,
And I think of you,
You paint my heart with a deep red ink,
When I’m with you my mood can never sink,
I smile at the thought of when we never have to part.

You light my world, heal all my pain,
As I think of you,
This thought can heal any harm,
You can remove all trouble with your arms,
How amazing you’ve made my life is insane.


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