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Post  Crystal:) on Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:23 pm

Purple crumples dragged from sharp pristine surface,
peaceful to oblige the pull of fingertips and toes.
Feel more in place, a sighed relief of left order.
Climbing out of my heart it beats and it shows.

Buckling blueness inside the beautiful, folds of embrace.
And warm pleats giggle at its new comfortable place.
Under, turned and twisted,
Tangled and swiveled.

Like the smiles of our faces.

Cosy and warm folded sings sweet songs of joy,
Heat climbing and curling up and around,
settled on chest offering calmed gentling sound.

And delicate kisses turn twirls' in my mind.
And soft interweaved bodies turn dizzy and kind.
Woven into warm air by heartbeats and breath.
Woven like the sheets on my old creaking bed.


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