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Post  Crystal:) on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:20 pm

Your beautiful eyes melt my heart into a sweet liquid joy,
Drips into a pool of pristine happiness,
like the bead of sweat on my brow.
Your delicate smile pulls my mouth into a similar shape,
And your tender being pulls my body to your familiar shape.

I steady fastened breaths my passion calming,
Deepened love growing.
And together we lie, frozen in this perfect moment,
My body pressed against your perfect form,
Fit like a puzzle.
Legs, hearts and souls entwined.
Your soft, skin so warm against mine.

Glee explodes in this boiling embrace.
And I seize time and space,
Like we seized the space between us,
Our bodies moulded into each other,
Gleaming under this blazing cover.

Your gentle hand rests on my collarbone,
Mine on the beautiful bone of your hip,
Our touch carefully refined to perfection.
Squeezed tightly in a hug of affection,
And I find your bottom lip.

A cool kiss and a mind so content.
Frozen in this perfect moment.


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