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Post  Crystal:) on Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:43 pm

Even though sometimes I hate not sharing our kisses with the world,
And its hard to keep my begging lips away,
But the feeling of lust it gives me,
Your so fucking gorgeous and I'm seriously gay. 

My love blissful in your tender arms,
Holding myself as close to you as I can be,
With a failed attempt of trying to hide it. 
I really love it when your body is pressed close to me.

I get butterflies just from seeing you, 
Let alone when your soft hands on my side,
I always want to kiss you,
I'm gay, I don't think it's possible to keep that inside.

It's so hard to release you from my arms,
After an amazing hug,
You really are so beautiful,
I'm so lucky to have found such amazing love.

I always want to be beside you,
Caress you softly with loving hands,
Pull my body towards yours.
Sometimes I wish others would understand.

I love to run my hand over your gorgeous body, 
Slide my fingers across your hips,
Curl my tongue into your mouth,
Caress your beautiful lips. 

Your my precious secret, 
And sometimes I cannot say,
I love your lips, hips, breasts, bum, legs.
Yes, I am fucking gay! 


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