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Post  Crystal:) on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:45 am

A darkened door opened to this place,
As ugly tears climb off my face,  
Quicker than my shaking frame.
Lights smothered with a cough of shame.

Tearfully chiseling at fists and lips,
And eagerly cackling as happiness trips,
Slyly choking with every cry
Until even loving hearts bone dry.

And chattering on into dim corridors,
With malignant uncares and cruel ignores,
Trapped in a world of pain and distress,
And other stupid and pathetic feelings I fail to repress.

And feeling a little lost and alone,
Growing weaker with every ridiculous moan,
Hoping for a sweet smiled embrace,
And someone to talk me out of this place.

Wishing it seemed like someone was there,
Laughing at myself with every prayer, 
And I know it's pointless I'm trapped in this place.
And it probably won't be worth it when I escape.


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