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Post  Crystal:) on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:46 am

Engraving pain on quivering lips,
Palms hugging staggering fingers,
Breaths hurried. Anxious and lonely.
Sadness appears and lingers. 

I feel alone but sadness doesn't, 
It tiptoes into blissful lives and offers no surrender.
It always hunts someone to tease,
Never backs down to any defender.

It etches into our arms,
Smiles as we our wince and clamp shut our eyes.
It slyly smirks and lures tears onto our faces.
And laughs at our blood filled cries.

I hate how close it is to her.
How it befriended love and gave her so much pain.
I wish to take back the tears it's made her shed. 
It's given her so many scars and it I'll always blame.

It elatedly arrived on time for his cancer.
Dragged tears to the families eyes, 
Made my grandmother choke with sadness and fear.
But I'm so proud that it never hears my grandfathers cries.


It eagerly feeds off arguing couples,
Breaking them apart,
Playing grossly with the children torn between parents. 
Lavishly drinking from their bleeding hearts.

It seeks out deserted children,
Horridly watches as they are abused,
Then acts as if it is their friend,
Whilst secretly making their hearts more bruised.

It stalks lonely widows. 
Reminds them of all they've lost,
That everything they loved and lived for,
Is gone and itself is the cost.

It frolics around blood filled wars,
Cheerful at how many are dead, 
Even more happy too see the families left behind,
And the many tears they shed.

It is in time for every funeral, 
Is there to break people apart.
Always accompanies pain and hurt.
And laughs with the last beat of every heart.

And it may have started taunting me,
But there are many that it loves more.
I really should be grateful of all I've got,
So sadness, this means war!



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