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My life is yours  Empty My life is yours

Post  Crystal:) on Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:40 pm

You lend my pitiful lungs each breath I take,
But sometimes I run out of air, 
Lungs clenched, gasping, choking.
Even though I know your there.

But then with one beautiful look.
I can breath again.
Lungs release flustered thoughts.
And breathe away the pain. 

You keep my lonesome feet on the ground,
But sometimes I loose my grasp,
Anxiously floating away.
Higher and higher with every gasp.

But you notice that I've gone,
And with a smile you take my hand,
Make my feel happy again,
And return me safely back to land.

You give my heart the effort to pump.
But sometimes it becomes weak.
And I begin to loose consciousness.
Blood cold and bleak.

But with a hug you warm my heart, 
Give it the energy to beat again,
Blood warm and loving,
Runs through my veins 

You give me my smile,
But sometimes It disappears.
It feel stupid, sad and lonely.
Engulfed by pathetic fears.

But you always bring my smile back
Take away my fear,
You'll utter something funny to me
And my happiness will reappear 

You're the reason I'm in this world,
I am all yours.
You are all that I live for,
All that I've got.
I love you with all that I am,
And give my life to you, 
Every smile, laugh or happy thought.
Is always down to you. 



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