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Post  Crystal:) on Mon May 09, 2011 4:45 am

Rosy lips as pink as the grass is green,
Sing cliches over my blank page.
Writing a world of beating hearts, love and sweet kisses that takeaway my breath and amazing moments that I wish to prolong.
Where everything is perfect like a tv advert and families are like the ones you sometimes get on cereal packets.

I wonder why people kiss in the rain,
And who would look out of the widow at red roses,
with eyes as blue as the sky.
As tears roll down our faces.
Did I ever mention that my grass is hardly ever green, more yellow.
And when I cry tears bound and slide and I make that horrible scrunched up face and feel a lump in my throat.

While we walk along the beach at sunset holding hands,
Then we all lie in sweet smelling meadows, with the ones we love and cloud spot with the sun beaming on our faces,
And we stare up at the stars and night.
After some thought I decide that my eyes are grey not blue but I suppose that it's the same for the sky too.
And that sometimes if you look closely enough flowers can be ugly and they make my nose itch.

I write about how you stop my heart,
And how you will always be the one,
And the perfect times we have.
Ponder and decide that I'd rather be in bed than outside in the cold below the stars that I've seen too many times to interest me.
Wonder how muddy meadows are and how i bet the sun would go in and it would start raining as soon as I step a foot outside.

And I realise that it's improbable to believe that I die every time I see you.
Remember all the imperfect times that make life worth living, all the mistakes and misunderstandings that keep smiles on faces.
Laugh about the perfect picnic we had when it rained and sand got in our eyes, and how you were grumpy and I fell and grazed my knee and ripped my tights.
And I decide that was probably one of the best days of them all.


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