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Post  Crystal:) on Sun May 22, 2011 10:56 am

You engraved your name over my heart with a colouring pencil.
Telling me it's yours, muddling me with every letter so now i can only walk through life on dot-to-dots,
And write with a stencil.
One you cut out of our memories to guide my letters. And occasionally ink blots,

Drip down on to my scrapbook skin from my paper-cut fingertips.
Because one day I decided i would make you a thousand origami love poems that I
carefully coloured in with felt tip
Pens. In the colours of your eyes and my heart that you've dyed

With ink, that occasionally falls from your lips.  
And I find that without you my letters get jumbled up and before I know it my pen  has dried up and all I've done is scribbled,
Until you take my hand in yours and suddenly my pen nib
Races across the paper and even if it's dribble

At least with you sentences make sense, and letters
Make words. Because before I was just an empty colouring book, 
but you took me and coloured me in with markers,
That left a marks all over my paper thin skin. And so I drew us a life together in crayons and pinned it to my heart, if you'd just take a look.  



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