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I'll begin. Empty I'll begin.

Post  Admin on Wed May 26, 2010 12:04 pm

What do we call you?
The King king
Favourite Band/Musician(s)?
Jamestown Story
Sherlock Holmes/Saw 2/Dark Knight
TV Programs?
House M.D/Family Guy
The Sherlock Holmes series
Why did you go on this site?
...well I kinda made it.... 'twould be hyppocritical if I never went on it..
Any comments/critiques (about the site)?
Erm, don't like the header but not sure yet what to change it to...
Favourite Creative Outlet?
Playing music, Writing, Drawing and Poetry
1 (or 2) Craaazy fact(s) about you? Very Happy
I like to play darts with knives.

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