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If I fall Empty If I fall

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:42 am

Like a child taking its first steps
Ill wobble
and ill fall.

If I fall
-will you help me?
Let me stand?
or will you sigh
complain of my failure
And weep in bitter disappointment
That I'm not better than the others
-I dont want to be better.

When I misbehaive,
-will you tell me?
-Let me know that I've done wrong?
Or will you scream?
Harsh words hurt more
than the blows which follow.
-as sure as day will come

When you repent
-in many years to come
Will I cast you away coldly?
Express my feelings of hate?
Take revenge upon your flesh?
-no. I'll tell you it's too late
-and leave you where you stand

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