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Post  Crystal:) on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:28 pm

I love how your so kind,
I love how much you care,
You're the most consederate person I'll ever find.
I need you as much as air,

I love how funny you can be,
I love how you can cheer me up if I'm down,  
Without you I doubt I could be happy,
You can always change a frown,

I love how you're so modest,
I love that you're not vein,
And how you can't see you amazingness, 
My love for you will allways remain, 

I love you sweetness,
I love how adorable you can be,
Without you my life would be worthless,
I hope that you never leave me,

I love you when your joyfull, 
I love it when you smile,
I love it when your playfull,
And how you never seem hostile,

I love the caring words you say,
I love their ring in my ears,
And how you make my every day,
And how you can bring me to tears,

I love the caring hugs you give,
I love how you're always there, 
And I'll be here as long as I live,
And know for you I'll always care,

I love the poems you write,
And the adorable things you do,
Basically what I'm saying,
Is that, I love you. 





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