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You're beautiful II Empty You're beautiful II

Post  Crystal:) on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:52 pm

I look into your eyes, why, do they tell you lies? You survive, with a desguise. 
You don't see what I see, your pretty. But You despise? I'm surprised, and replies. 
"But you're the perfect size."
You don't believe what I'm saying. 
Please, please I pray, believe what I say.   
But your mirrors smashed.
My heart has crashed.
You can't see how beautiful you are, by far.
Why cant you see? your beauty, that I see.
But I'll help you, make you see through the lies your eyes have told you? I've no clue, wish I knew, what made you belive what's untrue. 
But what can I do?
I pick up the shattered glass and try to piece it together, wonder whether, you'll ever see what I see.
Whenether, I can wait forever.
For you to believe me. You're perfect to me. You' pretty. How amazing it would be, If you'd agree.
There's one more perfect that you, it's true, I wish you knew.
I'll make a promise to you:  
I'll try to fix you mirror,
Put the pieces together. 
But I plea, for me; will you always rememer...

You really are...


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