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Post  Admin on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:48 pm

Razor caresses tender flesh so soft,
Against the light I hold the blade aloft.
When days are long and nights dont end,
Pain becomes my greatest friend.
I introduce the blade unto my skin,
Pressure thrusts the razor deeper in.
Pain surges through my body once again,
From crying out with hurt I must restrain.
A high of which no drug could induce,
The high that is found from self abuse.

I look upon my past with tears of guilt,
And I think of the life that you helped rebuilt.
You helped me through and didnt even know,
You ended what had started years ago.
Then I see from your hand that blood drips,
I'm shot with pain at your fingertips.
I think of what I used to do before,
You were what I gave that all up for.
Then I see the pain you put yourself through,
Why did I give up the comfort I best knew?

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