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Rules. Empty Rules.

Post  Admin on Tue May 25, 2010 2:56 pm

Right. Rules... I hate them just as much as you do but we need them. Especially in this type of forum.
Did you read the terms and conditions? No?? You should. Theyre funny! lol!

*Okay. First thing's first... I'm the King king (well...Queen..) Whatever I say goes.
*I will not tolerate abuse. I Will Ban you for anytime up to and including 1000 days.
*No bitching about people's work. If you dont like it, don't read anymore of it. Or just send me a message and I'll see how bad it is.
*It would be nice if you could put a warning in the subject if the post contains graphic content. It'd be nice for the more sensative of out audiences.
*No spam please or I will ban your IP address.
*Please be nice to each other, I am not your baby-sitter.
*Like I said at the start, I'm in charge Twisted Evil So if you bug me and I'm feeling mischevious, I might block you for 1,000,000 days or something... dont panic, just check back later and you'll be unblocked tongue I love you What a Face
*Fanfics or Fanart MUST be credited!

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