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Post  Crystal:) on Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:06 pm

Bitter merciless past comes back to haunt.
But why does it have to pick on you?
When it could have chosen anyone to taunt.
It terrorises and doesn’t consider the harm it could do.

But you deserve love and tender care,
Yet you have to live with the vile side of mankind.
Why does life have to be so fucking unfair?
Why does it have to mess with such a beautiful mind?

I wish that I could erase what has been done.
Take back the deeds of the inhumane.
Because you are more amazing than anyone.
I wish I could free your mind from pain.

But unfortunately i cannot take back time.
So I will just offer you my hand.
And hug you tight preying all is fine.
And hope that all that life throws at you, you can withstand.

I really admire the strength that you show.
The brave face you always put on.
How you continue on after every blow.
How you’ve stood alone against it for so long.

You so beautifully stand up courageous and tall,
You really are so brave.
Even when it urges you to fall.
You’re better than to be its slave.

Yet you continue with such modesty,
You are not bold or boastful.
You are never spiteful or nasty.
Your existence is so humble.

And even despite the nastiness you’ve suffered from birth,
You have stayed so kind.
You really are a credit to this earth.
The most amiable of mankind.

I hope you will continue to survive,
I’ll give you all the help I can give.
Because you’re the most amazing person alive.
And deserve the happiest possible life you can live.


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