Loving pleasure... And sea.

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Loving pleasure... And sea.  Empty Loving pleasure... And sea.

Post  Crystal:) on Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:45 pm

Feet delicately step on the fragile sand, 
Happily sinking into it's warm depth,
Pleasant is the warm land,
Feet embedded in the sand.  
Heart delicately steps with fragile care,
Happily sinking into your warm depth,
Pleasant happiness in the air,
Body embedded in your arms.

My toes find the cool waves,
Joyous at it's freezing yet gentle touch,
Yet happily the water it braves,
Enjoying it's icy impact. 
My lips find your gentle skin,
Joyous at it's powerful yet gentle touch,
Yet happily my heart let's you in,
Enjoying your loving impact. 

Feet venture deeper into the sea,
Overwhelmed by it's forceful waves, 
Feet wish to be free,
But I know they'll be happier in the water.
Heart ventures deeper into love, 
Overwhelmed by it's forceful grip,
Heart wishes to give enough,
And I know I'll be happier with you near.

I walk deeper into the icy sea, 
Waves of water splashing my body,
Now up to my knees,
Shaking at the freezing touch.
I nestle deeper into your gentle arms,
Waves of love pounding my body,
Now up to your palms,
Shaking a your loving touch.

The waves continue and I walk further in,
It's imense engulf now up to my hips,
It's cold touch on burning skin,
Waves surely crashing my legs.
The love continues as I move closer to you,
Your engulf warming skin and heart,
Your touch and love grew,  
Love surely crashing my heart.

Water now in my hair,
The freezing waves find my neck,
I shiver in despair,
Yet happily swim, finally in.
My hands in your hair,
Your soft lips find my neck,
I shiver, love aware,
And happily smile, completely bliss.

Finally my body goes into the abyss,
Submerged in the water,
Swimming in the bliss,
The waves in complete control.
Finally my body is all yours,
Submerged in your love,
Smiling in the bliss,
Of me your in complete control.

Unfortunately I can't swim forever,
The waves have to let go,
Dispite being happier than ever,
The sea I have to leave.
Unfortunately we can't embrace forever,
I have to let you go,
Dispite being more ecstatic than ever,
You have to leave.

So I climb out of the sea,
Water heavy on my body,
I utter a sad plea,
And wish that time would have moved slower.
So we stand up and start to move,
Love heavy on my body,
I utter you can't be removed,
And wish that time would have move slower.  

But I know I can swim again,
And untill then I dream of the sea,
And my desire for it is plain,
But I have memories of that joyous swim.
But I know that we will embrace again,
And untill then I dream of you,
My desire for you is plain,
But I have memories of that joyous day. 




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