I wish I could make you happy

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I wish I could make you happy Empty I wish I could make you happy

Post  Crystal:) on Sun May 22, 2011 12:34 pm

For you I'd slice deep inside my heart,
Cut right through to the happiest part.
Tear some out and send it to you,
Remind you of emotion you once knew.

For you I'd rip the smile off my face,
And gently put it in your mouth's place,
So every smile will be for you,
And so you will always feel my smile too.

For you I'd collect my every laugh,
And store them all up on your behalf,
Then send them to you in the post, 
signed "here have the emotion I love  most"

For you I'd pierce a hole in my lungs,
Remove my happy breaths, every one,
Give them to you before you leave,
Even if It would mean i couldn't breathe.

For you I'd reach right into my mind,
To where my happiness is confined,
Take it out and offer it to you.
For you to feel happy it's what I'd do.

Because you deserve a happy heart,
A smile no one could tear apart,
Days with laughter and happy breaths,
A mind of happy thoughts that are the best.  


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