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Post  Crystal:) on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:32 am

I glance into the breadth of your beautiful eyes, 
And wonder how they can cruely decieve,
Why would they tell you lies?
I wish I could make you believe.

I glimpse at you and see astonishing beauty,
But your hateful mirror has clouded,
I wish I could make you see,
The misty glass is misread,

I wish I could polish the window's blur,
I wish I could clean the glass until clear,
I wish I could settle the river's stir, 
Let your beautiful reflexion appear.

I wish I could show you your pretty face,
Show you the adorable smile I see,
You really are so beautiful,
If only you'd belive me.

I wish I could show you how gorgeous you are,
Show you you're the perfect size, 
I wish I could show you the person I see,
You are beautiful in my eyes.


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